ENERGETAB 2018 Bielsko-Biala 11 - 13 September
ENERGETAB - the largest electrotechnics and energy exhibition in Poland


What you could see and hear at ENERGETAB 2018.

The ENERGETAB fair, organized for over 30 years by ZIAD Bielsko-Biała SA, is Poland's largest international exhibition of modern equipment and technologies for the power industry.

The range of products and technologies presented at the fare is very extensive.
As every year, also this time the majority of the equipment and apparatus showcased at the fair was related to the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, from low to the highest voltage.
However, there were also many products on display, including machines, devices, and vehicles, used during the construction and inspection of overhead or cable lines, featured in the open-air stands. Furthermore, the automation and industrial electronics were widely represented by the suppliers of measuring equipment, electromechanical elements (such as relays, connectors, and housings), inductive components, transformers, and power supplies.

For many years, numerous manufacturers and suppliers from the lighting industry have marked their presence at the Bielsko-Biała fair, showcasing their light sources (in particular LEDs), as well as fixtures and poles. The lightning industry was strongly represented by Philips Lighting, which launched a new brand name a few months ago and now is known as Signify.

We welcomed the representatives of renewable energy industry, especially the suppliers of PV panels, as well as indispensable control and protection systems. We also hosted companies offering energy storage systems, including the TRAKCJA PRKiI, SA which was awarded the bronze medal of the PGE Energia Odnawialna in the fair competition.

Although electric cars are not frequently found on Polish roads yet, we welcomed several suppliers of smart kiosks and pillars for powering these vehicles (including PRE Biel and Energopomiar-Elektryka), with several electric car models presented at the fair.

The Bielsko-Biała Energetab meeting is by now certainly a mature trade fair event, which attracts a large group of regular exhibitors and visitors, and as such it is also recognized as a great place to promote and build the company's image.
A dozen or so companies celebrated their jubilees at the fair, such as RELPOL SA (the 60th anniversary) and Elektromontaż Rzeszów (the 50th anniversary), together with a few other, younger companies, including out long-time exhibitors MIKRONIKA (35th anniversary) or ZPUE (30th anniversary).
On these occasions, these companies received congratulations from ZIAD Bielsko-Biała SA, the fair organizer.

Most of our exhibitors make every effort to showcase their latest products or even prototype solutions at the Energetab fair so as to see if they receive market interest. This is facilitated by the recognition that the ENERGETAB 2018 fair received from the President of the Polish Patent Office, which grants priority in obtaining legal protection or the registration priority for exhibited utility models or industrial designs.

More than 50 companies have submitted their products to the competition for the most remarkable product exhibited at the fair.
The Competition Jury, which was chaired by Prof. Tomasz Gałka, the director of the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw, decided to grant the Ministry of Energy Cup to the "Integrated power system based on the e2ALPHA-G mining switchgear and e2TANGO controller," submitted by the ELEKTROMETAL ENERGETYKA S.A. The PTPiREE President's Cup was won by the RELPOL S.A. in recognition of the "CZIP®-PRO new generation field controller," and the PSE S.A. Gold Medal was awarded to ELEKTROBUDOWA S.A. for "Comprehensive solution of HV switchgears in gas insulation."
Kazimierz Szpotański's Golden Lion was awarded to Poznań's MIKRONIKA for "elements of the automation system of the MV/LV network - DALI-box," whose contributors paid considerable attention to providing resistance against increasingly dangerous cyber attacks.
Due to the space limitations, we cannot include the full list of the awarded products here, but we invite you to find it on the fair's website.

The fair was accompanied by conferences and seminars organized by chambers and industry associations, as well as by company presentations. The theme of the main conference held on the first day of the fair was "Development of partnership relations between the investor and the contractor in the power industry." Jerzy Kurella, the head of the SEP Electrical Industry and Power Industry Council, was the chair of the insightful and open discussion. The contractors' side was represented by the presidents and board members of many leading suppliers and executors of energy investments, while the investors' side was represented by Andrzej Cząstkiewicz, the director of the Central Investment Unit of PSE S.A. The conference was very positively received with and during the discussions the participants emphasized the need for an optimal selection of contractors and for a mutual cooperation in finding solutions to existing problems, both at the preparation stage and during the implementation of crucial investments and modernizations.
Nearly eighty professional energy experts from all over Poland gathered at the Workshops "Modern technologies in power industry," organized by PTPiREE, whose main topic was the new typing solutions for overhead HV lines.
There was a lot of interest in the conference organized by the Electrical Equipment Manufacturers' Section (SPAE) at the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEiT). The purpose of this conference, entitled "Safe electrical low voltage equipment," was to draw the attention of market participants to threats to health and property of electrical installation users (that is, basically all of us) resulting from the installation of devices that do not meet technical standards, requirements, and the declared parameters.
There were also many interesting presentations given by the exhibitors, which aimed at showcasing the latest devices for protective testing or network diagnostics, methods of improving energy efficiency, and intelligent city lighting.

TAURON Dystrybucja SA, the Strategic Partner of the fair demonstrated its innovative solution: the MUZ mobile power device, which enables steady power supply for residents in large areas during work on the MV network.

The limited space of this publication does not allow for a wider presentation of the products displayed by 712 exhibitors representing 23 European and Asian countries, whose stands occupied almost 50 000 sq. yd. of exhibition grounds, charmingly located at the foot of the Dębowiec and Szyndzielnia mountains.

ZIAD Bielsko-Biała expresses gratitude to all the participants in this year's successful fair and invites the exhibitors and visitors to join us in the subsequent event, the 32nd edition of the ENERGETAB fair, held on September 17-19, 2019.

360° aerial panoramas of the ENERGETAB 2018

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